The Beats


Pickled eggs are a longstanding part of the food heritage of Great Britain, it being said that Charles 1 partook of a pickled egg in London as far back as the 1600s. Pickling has been used over the centuries as a means of preserving eggs when they are plentiful in preparation for times of hardship. Nowadays they are commonly enjoyed in a bag of crisps with a pint of beer or with fish and chips, although many confess to just eating them as they come, straight from the jar! Our new flavour twists are encouraging a new generation of pickled egg lovers to ensure that this great British tradition is being kept alive.

All of our eggs are sourced from within the British Isles and are laid by hens that are free to range. To find out more about the life of free range hens take a look at the Love Free Range Hens website here.

Purely Pickled Eggs also aims to source British producers and suppliers wherever possible for its wider business requirements and in particular to ‘buy local’ from South West England whenever we can.

So, just like the very British Beatles, pickled eggs have been around a long time too, many of us love them with a passion and new fans are joining all the time – goo goo g’joob!