This months featured Pickled Purveyor is Jim Pratt at The Robin Hood in St Albans. It all began with his great love of real ale and who knew where that would lead….

What attracted you to working in the victualled trade, Jim?
I married the landlady! Simple as that. She took over the pub on 5th November 2015 and we were married on the 8th November. (Admirable dedication to the pint Jim!)
What achievement with your business are you most proud of ?
Upgrading our beer to an excellent selection of real ales. When we arrived the choice was awful and now we permanently have 3 real ales and 3 ciders on offer. We’re hoping to get The Robin Hood into CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide soon.
Which knickknack adorning your establishment has the most interesting story to tell and what is it?
There’s a brilliant Beryl Cook picture on the wall of a naked lady doing a striptease in a pub. We borrowed the picture from the art gallery across the road to hide the many holes in the wall from where the old electric jukebox used to be fixed before we replaced it with a floor standing retro one. That was 2016 and the art gallery hasn’t asked for it back yet!

Which of the Purely Pickled Eggs flavours is most popular in the Robin Hood?
Ghost Pepper Chilli takes the lead
What are their favourite accompaniments to a Purely Pickled Egg?
They like them either on their own or in a bag of salt and vinegar crisps
Where was your favourite holiday?
Porto in Portugal. We’ve enjoyed some fantastic wine tours there. (Sounds like a bit of a busman’s holiday!)
If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be?
Real ale without a doubt
Who amongst your regular customers has a quirky characteristic and what is it?
2-3 times per week one customer comes in and buys 6 bottles of warm Becks at a time. He will only buy warm ones so we keep some under the bar specially. Then he takes the 6 bottles over to a seat, sits down and reads the racing pages whilst drinking his beers.

What you would rather be doing than answering these questions right now?
Enjoying a pint of beer and a pickled egg ofcourse! (Oh you smooth talker Jim!)
What is the question you’re glad I didn’t ask that I can ask the next Pickled Purveyor?
What are pickled eggs made of???
And on that note the last interviewee suggested that we ask you ‘What’s the most pickled eggs one customer has eaten on one night??’
I think 3 is the record! We have a group of lads from Northern Ireland who come in a couple of times a month and they have been known to polish off quite a few….

Thanks for inviting us into the Robin Hood Jim. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you!