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Introducing February’s featured Pickled Purveyor Kate at the eye-catching Duke of York in St Werburgh’s in Bristol
What attracted you to working in the pub trade Kate?
After a spell of working in pubs in my teens I always said I’d never do it again. I kind of fell into working at The Duke of York and 11 years later I still love it. I wouldn’t work in any old pub.
What achievement with your business are you most proud of ?
Winning an accolade for our customers consuming a lot of pickled eggs.

Which knickknack adorning your establishment has the most interesting story to tell and what is it?
The coffin in the corner. It was made to measure for one of our customers, as a gift from their girlfriend. Needless to say, the relationship didn’t last.
Which of the Purely Pickled Eggs flavours is most popular in your pub?
Scotch bonnet chilli
What are customers favourite accompaniments to a Purely Pickled Egg?
Salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco.
Where was your favourite holiday?
I’ve enjoyed lots of trips abroad but I love going to Cornwall.
If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be?
Lesser known facts about JD Wetherpoons pubs.
Who amongst your regular customers has a quirky characteristic and what is it?
There are too many characters with quirks to pick from. We have an interesting, regular clientele
What would you rather be doing than answering these questions right now?
Eating lunch.
What is the question you’re glad I didn’t ask that I can ask the next Pickled Purveyor?
Come up with a new pickled egg flavour!
And on that note a question thats been suggested that we ask you ‘if you were Prime Minister what pickled egg laws would you introduce’?
Pickled eggs should be for the many and not the few!
Just before we go, we have to ask how did the fantastic artwork on the outside of the pub come about?We ran a competition back in 2014 for the first phase. A girl called Alex won. We were so impressed we got her to do the front last year.

We loved finding out more about behind the scenes at the Duke of York. What a fantastic and dedicated pickled egg hostelry! Thanks Kate.