This month’s featured Pickled Purveyors are Jo and Andy Pearson at the Draymans Son Micropub in Ely who bare all to reveal an unbelievably shocking secret……
What attracted you to working in the victualled trade Jo?
I wanted a complete change of job and my friend suggested, we should buy the Micropub, having managed a pub many years ago, it seemed like a challenge. 8 weeks later we purchased the Drayman’s.
What achievement with your business are you most proud of ?
We have successfully won 3 Ely & District CAMRA awards for 2 years running and have also won CAMRA County Cider Pub of the Year this year.
Which knickknack adorning your establishment has the most interesting story to tell and what is it?
The Fenland ice skates displayed – these belonged to Andy’s dad, who sadly died when Andy was 8 months old, a gentleman brought in some old photo’s of Andy’s dad skating locally and Andy remembered that he had the skates in the loft. Andy’s Dad was also a Drayman at the former Brewery, which would have been located just 100m away from the pub, it’s an amazing piece of history and is why the Drayman’s Son is so named in memory of his Dad.
Which of the Purely Pickled Eggs flavours is most popular in your pub?
That’s a difficult one, I think it’s between 3, Old School, Beetroot and Scotch Bonnet
What are customers favourite accompaniments to a Purely Pickled Egg?
A packet of Salt and Vinegar Crisps
Where was your favourite holiday?
Our most recent one in Zakinthos, although we have had some very nice holidays since our marriage 7 years ago.
If you were on Mastermind what would your specialist subject be?
To be honest I don’t think I’d ever make Mastermind, although Andy might, not sure what his subject would be though
Who amongst your regular customers has a quirky characteristic and what is it?
We have lots of quirky characters, the pubs full of them, however probably the two that stand out the most are Dyson and Messi, two dogs that love to visit the Drayman’s and in fact quite often have a sit in outside the door if their owners try to walk by.
What would you rather be doing than answering these questions right now?
Sitting in the garden sunbathing on such a beautiful day
What is the question you’re glad I didn’t ask that I can ask the next Pickled Purveyor?
What is your favourite pickled egg?
And on that note the last interviewee suggested that we ask you ‘how quick can you eat a pickled egg’?
I’m ashamed to say, I don’t like pickled eggs and therefore couldn’t eat one, sorry!!!

What?? Just when things were going so well too- but we like a challenge! What a fantastic micropub you have there and thank you very much for inviting us in, we loved hearing about it. Now, about these pickled eggs…….