As a pickled egg missionary makes his way out into the world….

I started working for Purely Pickled Eggs in June 2016 on a one-year industrial placement as part of my BSc(Hons) degree in Food and Nutrition at Coventry University. Back then I was just a student making his first steps into the food industry but one year on, as I return to university for my final year, I feel a much more professional, responsible adult. My experience with Purely Pickled Eggs has equipped me with a strong skill set and experience to further develop my career in the food industry. Also, it has helped me develop more confidence in my work and of course given me some unforgettable memories.
I got to travel all over the country and see places I would have probably never have seen otherwise. I got to be in a lot of beer festivals (maybe try an ale or two!), make new friends and last but not least combine camping with work (do you get to set up a tent as part of your work routine?).
One of the most important skills I developed during this year was getting an appreciation of the business aspect of the industry. I was always very focused on the food science aspect, which I believe helped me to make some contributions in our flavor range and methods, but this year I realized how hand in hand these two aspects must go in real life.What I enjoyed most about my time here (other than the ale!) was the opportunity to design and run my own experiments, being able to contribute to New Product Development and being in a safe space where my ideas and opinions were appreciated. I feel extremely fortunate to have found a placement where I was able to combine my personal and professional development with having a genuinely good time. And I also got to eat a lot of pickled eggs!
Note from Sue, Pickling Director and Dave, Jar-Wallah: We thoroughly enjoyed having Van with us, seeing him develop in confidence and ability and Purely Pickled Eggs is a better business for having known him. We look forward to hearing all about his future successes and hope he will continue to leave a trail of pickled egg converts in his wake!